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  1. Sales policy:

After discussing and agreeing on long-term cooperation, the two parties agree to sign the principle contract. You are considered a Distributor / agent of the Company and enjoy preferential policies for Distributors / agents under the terms and conditions specified in the contract but not exclusive to Products of the Company to the Company's customers. In addition, distributors / agents are supported:

 - Support catalogs, brochures, banners, advertising signs, namecards, product display shelves ... (when customers need), or promotions applied by the Company to the Distributor distributor / agent.

 - Receive a Green Stream uniform T-shirt and support the company's sales staff from 1 to 3 months when there is a demand from Distributor / agent to develop market share; Get updated information about prices, information about goods, products, sales policies, marketing programs, sales promotion materials, etc.

 - Support training and additional training on the Company's products according to the program corresponding to each product line and technology line when the Distributor / agent needs.

 - Support shipping costs to agents or direct delivery to the distributor / dealer.

 - Support for product display samples, advertising signs, product display shelves ... for new product lines launched or when agents open / open a new business location.

Please contact directly the phone number of Sales and Service Department for assistance when Distributor / Agent needs:

- Phone: 0273.3868709 - 3857930

- Fax: 0273.3857931

- Hotline: 0917 163 778 (Mr. Son).

  1. Policy for returning goods:

      * Reason for change:

- Products lost sealing, delivered wrongly in quantity, information and designs compared to orders.

- The product is broken due to the manufacturer's fault (technical failure, design error, content, hidden / internal errors, different from the announced quality standards of the manufacturer) or error during transportation (deformed, scratched, smeared, cracked, etc.).

- Customers change their demand.

      * Conditions for exchanging returns:

- The product is intact, fully labeled, original, sealed according to the original specifications (unless the product is defective or damaged during transport).

- Customers must send to the Company a request to change ("Request for Payment") including:

   (1) The request for return payment is based on the form of payment request form of the Company;

   (2) Documents proving that the customer has purchased the product (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, ..)

   (3) Product to be returned and the accompanying gift if any.

      * Time for return payment:

- Customer's Request for Payment must be sent to the Company within 03 days from the date of receipt of the product.

- The Time of Request for Payment will be determined as follows:

    + If customers send a Request for Exchange or Return by post or delivery: follow the receipt of the post office or the delivery unit.

    + If the customer brings the Change Request to the Company by himself / herself: when the employee receives the Request for Payment from the customer.

      * Cost of return payment:

- For products returned due to the Company's error, customers will be free of exchange and free delivery to the location indicated on the return request form.

-For returned products due to changes in customer demand, customers will be free to pay back and will have to pay shipping fees according to the Company's shipping policy if they want to send new goods to the address. request.

      *Processing Time:

The Company will send the Customer Request Response results via email, phone, fax, etc. within a maximum of 3 business days of receiving the Payment Request. If a customer's refund request meets the specified conditions, the Company will perform a refund procedure for the customer since the return request is made in the following time:

    + With non-bank payment method: customers will receive refunds from 5-7 working days.

    + With bank payment method: The company will complete the refund procedure to transfer the request to the bank within 5-7 working days. The bank will then process your refund request within 7 to 15 business days of receiving it.

      * Refund method:

Refund methods include:

- Refund to Company account

- Cash refund at the Company (SUOI XANH BEVERAGE ENTERPRISE office - Ngai Loi hamlet, Than Cuu Nghia commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province)