Giới thiệu chung – tigifood

General Information

  • Vietnamese Company Name: Công ty lương thực Tiền Giang 
  • CEO:  (Mr) Ngo Thanh Van
  • EnglishCompany Name: Tien Giang Food Company 
  • AcronymName: TIGIFOOD
  • Address: 256 khu phố 2, P.10, TP. Mỹ Tho, Tiền Giang 
  • Phonenumber: 18001758 
  • Website:
  • Fax: (0273) 3855789
  • Email:

Tien Giang Food Company (TIGIFOOD), headquartered at 256, Quarter 2, Ward 10, My Tho city, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam.

Founded in 1984 and officially branded TIGIFOOD since 1992. Currently, state-owned enterprises, a member of Vietnam Food Corporation, and Vietnam Food Association.

Main business:

Processing high quality rice for export and domestic markets.

Bottling natural drinking water under trademark “Suoi Xanh”

Enterprise TIGIFOOD systematically attached, permanent treasure widely distributed in the major rice producing areas of Tien Giang province. 


Tien Giang Food Company strives to become one of the major rice exporters of the country with modern rice processing technology in accordance with consumers' food safety and hygiene requirements. Step by step building the rice brand of Tien Giang Food Company to become a favorite national and trusted brand.


Tien Giang Food Company wishes to contribute to the development of agriculture, rural areas and the lives of farmers through being a part of the development of a value chain from production to preservation, storage and consumption. We hope that we are able to play a role in stabilizing the domestic rice market and satisfying consumer demand as well.

Business Philosophy

Tien Giang Food Company's business and production activities are based on the following basic principles:

* The sustainable development of the Company must be concentrated on the prestige of core product, quality and satisfaction of customer.

 * The interest and love of customers for the Company's products determines the existence and development of the unit.

 * Farmers are an important factor during the production and business process. Cooperating with farmers - TIGIFOOD wishes that through solidarity with the unit, with a sense of responsibility and professionalism in work, it will help improve the value in production and business

 * Regularly adjust business strategies and innovate corporate governance in accordance with development requirements and changes in production and business environment through each period of the company.

Core values

Professionalism: Tien Giang Food Company always maintains professionalism in every job we do. We have the capacity, reputation and good cooperation in providing products, packaging and services that meet our customers' requirements.

Trust: Staffs deserve professional and reliable working environment, they work on the principle of mutual respect associated with the responsibility of each individual.

Responsibility: Our staff is dedicated and responsible for the ethical principles committed to the company and customer.

Transparency and ethical standards: Transparent financial policy, a solid resource base, always fair and consistent in the application of policies and prices. We are socially responsible and honest with our stakeholders.

Product standards and quality management systems

Rice products of the Company are always evaluated by reputable inspection agencies to ensure the technical parameters of quality and food safety criteria. Some quality management systems are as follows:

- After harvesting, rice is dried and then processed directly at TIGIFOOD factory

Managed by international quality systems: ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, HALAL, SMETA.

- After processing, rice must go through advanced inspection equipment such as: Electronic color sorter, Metal detector in order to check and ensure good quality in each package.

- Before officially packing, rice will be inspected and quantitatively analyzed to meet TP safety standards (by specialized functional units such as TPJCM analytical service center, Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Hygiene and Health , International standard laboratory of SGS.)